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Intro/ trivia: Philodendron hope is an easy, tropical plant that has a very diverse size range. Whether you let your plant grow up to 2 metres in an arch, or keep it bushy in a small pot indoors, Philodendron hope looks great! They are great for filtering out toxins (such as Xylene) in the air, and are a beautiful statement piece for the interior decorator.

Family: Araceae
Origin: South America
Life Cycle: Evergreen Perennial Shrub
Difficulty: Easy

Light: Philodendron hope enjoys moderate, bright light. Low-light conditions are not ideal for this plant, and can lead to discolouration.

Water: This plant’s soil must be well-draining, as waterlogged soil will damage the plant’s roots. They are hardy plants, and can tolerate a variety of temperatures and climates, but should be kept out of extremes for long periods of time.

Fertiliser: Fertilise every few weeks during Spring, Summer, and Autumn, but never in Winter.

Pests & Problems: This plant is susceptible to scale and mealybugs, but also to rot if overwatered. If the leaves are yellowing, the plant is being overwatered, and this will also affect root health.

Growth: Philodendron hope can grow up to 2 metres in height, and around the same measurement in width. Smaller pots, and pruning, can keep the plant very bushy, but it will not climb or scramble up walls, even if the growth is unchecked.

Repotting/ Propagation: Philodendron hope can be repotted regularly, as the roots can be significant in size! Roots should be contained, but not overly cramped. Cut leaves can be kept in water and will do well, but can also be propogated easily in soil (with the use of rooting hormone).


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