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Meet Capy the Capybara! Capy loves to explore their home in South America, and learn about the natural environment around them! Capy loves to find new plants and bring home photos for their family. They need your help add some colour to their holiday photos!

Our monthly colouring competition is open to all kids aged 12 and under in and around Melbourne. Each month features a new adventure with Capy the Capybara and brand new prizes. Download the illustration here or pick one up at a participating school.Β 

>> Download current colouring competition for June here.

>> Download the next colouring competition for July here.

Print the pdf double sided to include contact details details form on the back, or just write in details by hand.



Feel free to make a drop off directly in store, into a participating school, or you can scan and email them to us at

*IMPORTANT* Make sure to include an adult’s name, phoneΒ number, and email address so that we are able to contact you if you win a prize. A contact details section is included on the second page of the competition printout. Be sure to print it double sided or to add the details after. Please submit all entries by the end of the month. Greener House staff will pickup entries from participating locations.

New illustration are released at the start of every month!Β You are more than welcome to use them just for fun!


Several winners are selected from each age group and announced at the start of the month on our website. We contact the winners via the mobile numbers provided. Winners have one month to pick up their prizes from Greener House Nursery (57-61 Alexandra Parade, Collingwood). The current month’s prize will be announced around the start of the month (around the same time that the corresponding illustration is released). Prizes can not be exchanged for other products or for cash. All prizes must be picked up in store.

When selecting the prizes we do our best to choose plants that are easy to care for, and to clearly explain the plant’s care requirements. We are always available to be contacted via a message to our Facebook page, or via email.


No contact information is stored, or used for any other purpose than contacting the competition winners. Scanned versions of the colouring competition entries may be uploaded to our website, Facebook, and Instagram. These images will only show the first side of the page with the illustration, participant’s first name and age, while last names, school names, and contact information on the back will remain private. Please contact us via email at if you have any privacy concerns or would like a picture removed.

All illustration are original designs by Gabriella Keys (2018.) She is a Sydney based artist and photographer. If you would like to work with Gabriella please contact us and we will pass on her details to you, or check out her instagram.