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Loyalty Club

What you get

When you use your loyalty club membership to purchase from our store, 5% of your purchase total is credited back to you as loyalty. For example, if you spend $60, you get $3 of loyalty credit. That adds up! When you sign up, you also get a $5 bonus, which means you could be looking at a free plant on your second visit! You’ll also get our fortnightly newsletter, which has updates about new stock, plant care tips, and info on our upcoming sales! You’ll never miss a bargain.

All your receipts get directly emailed to you, too, which means there’s less to carry around, and you always know what you bought. If you ever need an exchange, return, or even just a plant ID, we have a full record of your purchases stored on our system – so you don’t need the receipt.

Signing up

It’s easy! We can sign you up in-store if you’ve got the time, all we need is your name and email address. You can also sign up via the URL on your receipt, as long as you do that within the week. That way, you can still claim your credit! If your link expires, bring your receipt into the store, and we can make you an account right there at the til and apply your credit.


We do not share or sell your information, it is used within the store on our point of sale (Vend) and within our mailing list client, MailChimp. You can opt out of emails at any time, and can also remove your account or any information of yours from our system – just send us a message and we will do that manually for you.