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Plant Maintenance

Adding plants into your workplace is an investment. The atmosphere of the space is improved, productivity increases, and the air is purified. Keeping your plants looking healthy and clean is an important part of your businesses image but can often fall by the wayside, which can result in wasted time and money, and dead plants. Greener House believes in eliminating false economies. By allowing us to take care of all your plant needs you will be saving time, money, and stress.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the life of every plant we install, and provide free replacements! This means your work space will always be looking lush and presentable, leaving you with one thing less to worry about. We are able to replace plants that we didn’t install at a 50% discounted rate.

Qualified & Experienced Service

All of our staff have attained university-level qualifications in horticulture, and have many years of experience working in the horticulture industry, meaning they can provide maintenance based on a wealth of knowledge. As part of our staff training we provide our staff with their own collections of plants that they care for day in and day out giving them first-hand experience, and a keen understanding of every plants needs.

What Do You Get?

A member of our team will visit your work place to conduct fortnightly maintenance. We will take care of all watering, feeding, pruning, pest management, re-potting, dusting, and replacements, leaving you with more time to manage your business. All aspects of plant care will be taken care of, as well as our team being available to answer any questions you may have about your indoor plants!

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